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About CAA

CAA logo

The Grand Rapids-Kent County Convention/Arena Authority (CAA) is the seven-member board that administers DeVos Place, DeVos Performance Hall and Van Andel Arena. The CAA was established on March 29, 2000 by the City of Grand Rapids and County of Kent under the Convention Facility Authority Act, Act 203 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1999.

CAA Mission Statement

To encourage economic development within the West Michigan region, create jobs, and provide facilities for the entertainment, enjoyment, and/or benefit of the citizens in an economical manner by developing and operating convention, entertainment, and sports facilities within Kent County.

CAA Diversity Statement

The future of our region depends on our ability to embrace change and leverage diversity through leadership, education, employment, suppliers, and continued community support. We believe that diversity is critical to our business strategy and will improve our competitiveness and prospects for long-term success.

CAA Vision Statement

To foster an inclusive environment in which the unique talents and perspectives of each individual are respected, valued, understood, and leveraged.

CAA Diversity Business Rationale

The demographics of West Michigan continue to change. Additionally, our client base is extending beyond our immediate area. West Michigan continues to change. It looks different than it did five, ten, or more years ago and it will continue to evolve over the next decade.

These differences mean substantial benefits for DeVos Place®, Van Andel Arena®, and DeVos Performance Hall. People of different backgrounds bring unique perspectives to the business challenges facing our community.

Greater diversity enhances our ability to innovate and maintain a competitive edge. This ultimately benefits our employees, our valued customers and our community.

Community Inclusion Group Mission Statement

To guide the Grand Rapids-Kent County Convention Arena Authority in establishing a visible commitment to diversity that will support our vision, our business strategies, our board behavior, relationships with customers, suppliers, and our communities in a manner that enables our organization to reach our full potential and, in so doing, maximizes value to our clients and the community we serve.

CAA Board Members
Please see below.
Steve Heacock
Steven R. Heacock, Chairman
Grand Rapids Whitewater
County Appointee
Floyd Wilson
Floyd Wilson, Jr.
Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western Michigan
CVB Appointee
Birgit Klos
Birgit M. Klohs, Vice Chair
The Right Place, Inc.
City Appointee
Mayor Bliss
Hon. Rosalynn Bliss
Mayor, City of Grand Rapids
City Appointee
Richard Winn
Richard A. Winn, Secretary/Treasurer
Amway Hotel Corporation
County Appointee
Charlie Secchia
Charlie Secchia
Governor Appointee
Lew Chamberlin
Lew Chamberlin
West Michigan Whitecaps
CVB Appointee
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