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Meet the Events Team

DeVos Place offers a unique combination of meeting and exhibition space to accommodate a variety of events and our experienced event staff can ensure you have the best experience planning your event at DeVos Place.

The convention center features a 162,000 square foot, column free exhibit hall, 40,000 square foot ballroom and 26 individual meeting rooms (32,000 square feet). Twelve spacious loading docks (with a wash bay and marshaling area) on Michigan Street allow for easy access into the exhibit hall. Two loading docks and a ramp on Lyon Street provide access to the ballroom.

DeVos Place has an exceptional sales team, experienced event coordinators, helpful staff and is located along the Grand River with views of the beautiful city skyline. Book your event at DeVos Place and work with our incredible Event staff.


Event Manager, DeVos Place
Alma mater: Full Sail University

Hobbies: Exploring Grand Rapids! There's always something new, whether it's a new restaurant to try, museum exhibit to check out or a festival to explore.
Favorite thing to cook: While very average at cooking, much prefers to bake!
Fun Fact: Took 6 years of piano lessons growing up and also knows how to play the organ, clarinet, vibraphone and ukulele.
Bucket List Item: Travel! Specifically to Ireland, being 50% Irish and all.
What is your biggest fear: I am very claustrophobic and terrified of snakes, spiders and the dark in general.

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Event Coordinator, DeVos Place
Alma mater: Grand Valley State University

What's your biggest fear: Public speaking
Favorite thing to cook: Onion Smash Burgers
If you could meet any celebrity who would it be: Dead or Alive - Humphrey Bogart, Alive - Scarlett Johansson
Bucket List Item: Ski the French Alps
Fun Fact: Matt thinks Charles Dickens & Lebron James are overrated.

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Event Coordinator, DeVos Place
Alma mater: Undergraduate studies in Brazil

Favorite thing to cook: Brazilian food
Fun Fact: Can speak 5 languages, but sometimes gets them mixed up.
If you could bring any fictional character to life, who would it be: Dumbledore. So we can do some magic.
Go to Karaoke song: Anything by Jay-Z to show off rap skills.
Bucket List Item: Travel to Italy

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Event Coordinator, DeVos Place
Alma mater: Western Michigan University

What do you do outside of work: Exploring different cities and places with friends and family!
Favorite thing to cook: Makes a mean andouille sausage & rice. It's spicy, filling and really comforting in cold weather.
If you could meet any celebrity who would it be: Paul McCartney. Grew up listening to the Beatles because of my Dad and would love to hear stories about the band.
Bucket List Item: To visit every National Park!
Biggest Fear: Heights

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