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Trusted Protection for the Live Experience

ASM Global has launched a new environmental hygiene protocol in response to evolving guest expectations stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. VenueShield, a comprehensive and best-in-class program, is being deployed in various stages worldwide at more than 300 ASM Global facilities in alignment with approvals from government officials and health care experts. ASM Global staff in Grand Rapids are using VenueShield protocols to reopen Van Andel Arena in accordance with state, county and city guidelines.

VenueShield provides the highest levels of cleanliness and safety while inspiring consumer confidence, all in partnership with leading medical professionals, industry experts and public health officials. Phases of VenueShield include the implementation of new guidelines for Workplace Safety, Technology & Equipment, Food Safety and Public Awareness as they support future efforts. This ongoing company effort to re-define the customer journey of the future is of top priority.

ASM Global's VenueShield Task Force has implementing numerous new protocols and procedures at its facilities, in accordance with international health care guidelines from the CDC, NHS, PHAA and WHO, among others. The VenueShield protocol relies on the task force to build unique and customized programs, while monitoring data on a daily basis. Specific consultants have been hired to assist with more technical aspects of the protocol like air purification, filtering and the maximization of fresh air exchanges.

VenueShield is the ongoing company effort to define the customer journey of the future. It is designed to provide an evolving approach to the unique aspects surrounding each of ASM Global's facilities and guided by consistent input from the company's venue experts around the world representing every venue type. Additionally, ASM Global has proactively partnered with and will further consult with leading subject matter experts, health officials and industry leaders in the areas of industrial hygiene, sanitization and fulfillment to consult on all facets of the VenueShield program.

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VenueShield at De Vos Place

What to expect when HOSTING or attending an event at De Vos Place

In line with ASM Global's VenueShield Environmental Hygiene Program, DeVos PlaceĀ® is committed to providing the highest levels of cleanliness while inspiring consumer confidence, all in partnership with leading medical professionals, industry experts and public health protocols. Protocols will vary based on the type of event and will be further customized for each unique group. The safety of DeVos Place guests, clients and staff will continue to be the top priority.

DeVos Place, in accordance with ASM Global standards and professional health care guidelines, including those outlined by the CDC and WHO, is implementing enhanced procedures in the following areas:

  • HVAC air filtration system upgrades include installation of bipolar ionization equipment as well as enhanced filters with optimal MERV ratings to provide maximum air purification.
  • Facility enhancements provide reduced touch points for attendees and staff.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the building, including ingress routes, event areas and outside restrooms.
  • Food safety measures are following protocols recommended by health officials as well as federal, state and local guidelines.
  • Staff are conducting additional sanitizing of high-volume areas through the following:
    • Hand cleaning of all horizontal and frequently contacted surfaces such as door handles, elevator controls, light switches, tables, seating, handrails, restroom fixtures, production equipment and more.
    • An aerosolized disinfection solution is being applied to frequently touched surfaces and/or an electrostatic disinfection spray is being applied on areas such as tables, chairs and carpet in frequently traveled areas.
    • Sanitization of all rooms and equipment is taking place after set up, between sessions and after event activities.
    • Carpets are being cleaned in all entryways on a regular basis and in high use areas. We are applying an EPA-registered, healthcare-grade disinfectant during this step of the process.
    • All restrooms within the facility are being disinfected from top to bottom including walls, floors, toilets, sinks, partitions, counters and all other surfaces within the restrooms. Select urinals, sinks and stalls will be blocked off to promote social distancing within restrooms.
    • Large open areas are being treated with an aerosolized EPA-registered, healthcare-grade disinfectant into the atmosphere of the area and on horizontal surfaces.
  • Additional measures are being implemented as needed.
The above areas are not meant to be an all-encompassing list and all information is subject to change. Items of focus may change without notice based on the latest standards and guidelines. DeVos Place will follow all restrictions on gatherings as set by Local, State, and Federal jurisdictions.

Please contact us for specific questions regarding your upcoming event.

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