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Tequila Festival

Date: May 10, 2025
The Grand Rapids Tequila Festival returns to DeVos Place on Saturday, May 10th from 6:00PM - 9:00PM.

Be honest… Are you still slamming tequila shots like an amateur? Does the thought of this Mexican spirit only conjure up images of frat parties and trips to Tijuana? The truth is, tequila can actually be quite refined and complex, and this agave-derived drink can be as delicious sipped straight as it is when mixed in a margarita. Come to The Grand Rapids Tequila Fest at the Devos Place where over 100 tequilas, mezcals and cocktails ranging from the simple to the extravagant will be available for tasting in a fun and social setting.

Attendees of The Grand Rapids Tequila Fest will be treated to samplings of the finest brands and varieties of premium and ultra-premium tequilas, as well as tequila liqueurs, crèmes, infusions, mezcals and flavored tequilas. The Mexican spirits can be sampled straight (neat), or in hand-crafted Margaritas and cocktails. Tantalizing tacos and other Mexican favorites from some of Detroit’s best taco trucks will be available for purchase.


Tequila Festival
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