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Big Data Ignite

Date: Nov 04 - Nov 06, 2019

The Evolving Data Ecosystem —
Adapt, Advance, Thrive

Today’s data ecosystem is characterized by dramatic increases in the number of data providers, consumers, and processors and by rapid advancement in tools and techniques for collection and analysis. Through visionary keynotes, insightful expert panels, practical use-cases, and technical and strategic talks, Big Data Ignite 2019 will assist participants in formulating roadmaps for their organizations to adapt and thrive in the evolving data ecosystem. Participants will gain broad perspectives and deep insights into the state of the art and emerging trends in data science, data analytics, IoT, cloud computing, and data management, as well as in industry verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and distribution, and the nonprofit and public sectors.

Our Mission

The mission of Big Data Ignite is to provide education and training in areas of computing technology and practice that hold the greatest potential for innovation and benefit and to promote the interchange of information and ideas among current and aspiring experts, practitioners, and decision-makers.

What We Do

Big Data Ignite provides a platform for local and global thought leaders to share insights, experience, and knowledge, to discuss current issues and emerging trends, and to create social bonds and business relationships that fuel innovation.

How You Benefit

Big Data Ignite provides you access to a broad-based community of experts, practitioners, and decision-makers who are actively engaged in advancing the practice of data analytics, data management, IoT, AI, and cloud computing. Big Data Ignite provides you a forum to share your knowledge and ideas and to stay up-to-date on the state of the art, current issues, and emerging trends.


Big Data Ignite
Nov 04 - Nov 06, 2019
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